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About the Film Library
Exterior del edificio de la Biblioteca y Filmoteca de Navarra
Navarra Library's building exterior

The Navarra Film Library is part of the Navarra Library in the Mendebaldea area, in Pamplona.

The Film Library's mission is to recover, store, preserve, do research into, and promote Navarra-related films and audiovisual productions, as well as materials, equipment, and other useful elements for the study of films and audiovisual works, especially those produced in Navarra.

This mission involves collecting and keeping film and audiovisual documents, as well as those technical materials whose conservation has a cultural or historical value, promoting the audiovisual culture in special programmes, competitions, exhibitions, or festivals, and taking part in those projects that may lead to the promotion of films and audiovisual productions, in particular, those shot in Navarra or made by Navarra citizens.

One of Film Library's first tasks will be to make an inventory of the film collection, with the aim of assessing its quality, scope, state of conservation, and relevance to the contemporary film scene. After making the inventory, we will be able to take action to recover and sort out our film heritage in an adequate space, equipped to make such heritage available to scholars, researchers, and the general public.

A film collection already exists, comprising films donated by individuals or bought, sponsored, or subsidised by the Government of Navarra. Over the past few years, we have received several film donations and cessions, including the collections belonging to Amalio Salaverri, Alberto Zozaya, Alberto Cañada, Antonio José Ruiz, Adrián Martínez "Hamsi", Golem, Saide, Lux Film Club, Jesús Baztán, and Miguel Urabayen.

A major challenge to be faced by the Film Library in its early stages is the search of audiovisual materials linked to our community: films or videos shot or produced in Navarra, productions featuring directors, scriptwriters, actors, or technical staff born in Navarra, and films about the region, its history, culture, or characters. We will also focus on amateur or home movies, encouraging their owners to donate them so that they can be catalogued, preserved, and screened.


Recovering, preserving, restoring, and organising the Navarra film heritage, which includes all productions featuring an artist or technician from Navarra as director, filmmaker, producer, actor, scriptwriter, musician, photographer, cameraman, make-up artist, lighting or sound technician, irrespective of formats, media, or genres; all the films shot or produced in Navarra; and all the films and videos making reference to Navarra's history, ethnography and culture, landscapes, customs and traditions, industrial development, etc.

To accomplish this goal, a special area has been set up for film archive and conservation.

Promoting the culture of the moving image from the universal to the particular through special film programmes or sessions and other activities, focusing on Navarra's film heritage in particular.

These activities will be managed by the Promotion Area.

Interior de la sala de proyecciones
Navarra Library's building interior

To achieve the goals above, the Navarra Film Library shall have two working areas:

Archives, Research, and Conservation of the Navarra Film Heritage

Film Promotion and Public Activities

This area plays a key role in the functioning of the Film Library. Its tasks include: