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Eyes Upside Down

Miércoles, 7 de marzo
10:00 h.

Marie Menken
España, 1958 - 1961, 4’, 16mm

There is no why for my making films. I just liked the twitters of the machine, and since it was an extension of painting for me, I tried it and loved it. In painting I never liked the staid and static, always looked for what would change the source of light and stance, using glitters, glass beads, luminous paint, so the camera was a natural for me to try—but how expensive!

Bells of Atlantis
Ian Hugo
Estados Unidos, 1952-1953, 10’, 16mm [transfer. Digital]
The ecstatic, mythic montage of Alaskan landscapes

A brief lyric film of death, which brings to equilibrium a single reactive image from a roomful of cadavers.
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